Incipio Feather MacBook Air Case Review: One Of The Best I’ve Tried So Far


Apple products always look the best when they are naked; when they are covered by cases, they usually become slightly less attractive and a bit bulkier but also far safer from dings and scratches. Alas, I never leave my MacBooks naked. They are far too valuable (both the machine and what it holds); the better they are protected the better I feel. But as I person who appreciates fine design (what do you think drives me to the Apple universe of products in the first place?) I demand a MacBook case that not only protects but also reflects and respects the functional design ethos of both the machine it’s covering and my own picky taste.

Before I get into this review, I want to add a little sidebar about a competing product that I happen to strongly dislike: Speck cases. Every Speck case I’ve owned has failed me. And by that I mean has broken or had pieces which chipped off leaving my MacBook exposed (and breaking the part of my brain that likes things to look perfect). I’m adding this comment into this review for a bit of context because when you search for MacBook cases, the top hits always seem to be about Speck. So here, my friends, is a warning and a great Speck case alternative for your MacBook Air. Onward.


The ...

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