Moshi Kameleon iPhone 6 Plus Stand Case Review


In recent months there have been so many times I wished I had a stand for my iPhone handy. Watching Netflix while traveling, wanting to see the info on an open app more easily while working at my desk and for FaceTime calls to name a few off the top of my head. The funny thing is I have several iPhone stands laying around the house! But I don’t end up using them much because they usually aren’t very compatible with whatever case my iPhone happens to be wearing. And so began the hunt for what looked like the best iPhone stand case I could find online. This led me to the Moshi Kameleon which, during testing, performed efficiently.

The Moshi Kameleon ($54.95 on Amazon) is a dependable iPhone case that features a built-in stand that performs it’s core function very well but has a few things I can gripe about, although none of them would keep me from recommending the case.


Let’s start with the stand functionality because that is the main reason why a person would want to buy this case. If the stand doesn’t work well, the rest of the features are useless. Fortunately the stand works great. I’d call it awesome. It can be setup both horizontally and vertically; the horizontal mode is obviously great for watching movies and ...

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