Grain Audio OEHP Wood Headphones Review: How Music Was Meant To Sound

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Unmistakable and bohemian. I took an abundance of time thinking of two words that best describe Grain Audio’s OEHP wood headphones and those are the two I came up with. If they seem a bit unexpected, let me explain.

I’m a sucker for seeking out the best headphones I can. Music is such a big part of my work and personal lives that I want to experience it in the best way I can — naturally. That means I want the sound, the looks, the comfort level and any additional features to be the best that I can get my hands on. And I’ve gotten my hands on a lot of headphones over the years as I’ve tested and written about them for DailyTekk. But after awhile it gets tricky trying to come up with new ways to describe what’s good or bad about a pair of headphones. We reviewers end up recycling words from article to article. But this time — because the product positively deserves it — I felt a different approach would be good. As a result I give you unmistakable and bohemian.

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When music is piped through these headphones it has a distilled, distinct quality that could only be described as more pure and, in a word, unmistakable. There’s no mistaking what the artist wanted listeners to hear because there is ...

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