Bored? Need Travel Advice? HeyLets Has You Covered

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I love to travel — and — I get bored easily. That makes me a typical American, I suppose. Basically, I like to experience fun things whether that’s at home, several states over or across the pond. The problem is, it’s not always 1.) fast or 2.) easy to find the best things to do whether traveling 30 minutes from home for something to do on the weekend or hitting the Interstate for a month-long road trip. And that’s where an app like HeyLets comes in.

HeyLets is a social city and travel guide that helps you find fun experiences and hidden gems that match your interests. Additionally, if you’d like, you can journal your adventures (for yourself or for other travelers to benefit from). What’s cool is that there aren’t any negative reviews—or reviews that are just too long—like you’d find on Yelp. The info you’ll find on HeyLets is quick and to the point; no reviews are over 200 characters (for some perspective, Tweets can be up to 140 characters long) which is nice and succinct. And HeyLets has at least one photo for every experience someone posts which is awesome because I hate it when Yelp (or other apps) only have text for me to make a decision off of.

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