The 5 Best, Coolest Things Apple Announced At WWDC 2015 Today (Photos)

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Apple announced some exciting new features today; nothing as exciting as a new iPhone and, unfortunately, no new Apple TV or TV service. There was a new product announced, however: Apple Music. There was also some interesting Apple Watch news — that I’ll put in a separate post for you. It was so blah I decided not to even include it in this list. Instead I’ve chosen to include some of the more practical items from today’s WWDC.

iPad Multitasking, Adjustable Screen Split and Picture in Picture!


iPads finally have multitasking. You can now have two different apps open at the same time; and you can adjust how much space each takes up (screen split). The crowd cheered when this was announced, but even more so when the Picture in Picture (PIP) demo was launched. Now, if you’re watching a video in YouTube, you don’t have to stop when you need to switch to another app. Just like on TVs, the video can shrink and be moved around the screen as you work within other apps.

Extended Battery Life in iOS 9


This is cool: iPhone users who install iOS 9 should get up to an additional hour or so of battery life by default. What’s more, there’s a new low-power mode that will let you get up to another 3 or so extra ...

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