Wiith Is The App That Helps You Meet New Friends

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They say true friendship is when you walk into someone’s house and the WiFi connects automatically. So how often does that happen to you? Is it time to find some new friends? It happens. People move, eras end and new ones begin, people change, the world changes… stuff happens. But having some great friends around can make life better; having people to do things with and talk to, knowing someone will be there for you when something goes wrong… you know the deal. But sometimes finding new friends isn’t very easy — even for easy-going, extroverted people (especially when moving to a new city and finding oneself overwhelmed with a new job, moving in, getting oriented, etc.).

But now there’s Wiith—an app that helps you meet new friends.

Wiith revolves around having users create — and join — nearby events which are typically small and more intimately sized. The events can be either preplanned or spur of the moment, but the organizer gets to decide who joins. Even creators can also invite specific users to attend their event, including people they already know.

There’s really nothing like Wiith out there. One of Wiith’s closests competitors would be Meetup, which tends to be too orchestrated and impersonal for someone just out to find a new friend or two. There’s also no cost with Wiith. Tinder, ...

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