Lenovo Working to Protect Users from Security Vulnerabilities


While we may live in an age where technology is dominant, it also remains malleable to the threat of increasingly sophisticated cyber-thieves and malware. This is something particularly threatening to software and hardware brands, as their entire proposition can be compromised through a single security threat. Rather than adopt a passive approach, however, there is one market leading hardware brand that has strived to be proactive when facing this challenge and solicit the help of leading anti-virus software providers.

The Risk and How to tackle it

More specifically, it is Chinese hardware developer Lenovo that has made a proactive move to protect its users. Having recognised the security threats created by Superfishs’ adware, it realised that existing ant-virus software was ill-equipped to protect the majority of PC specs and laptops. The Superfish Visual Discovery adware, which is perceived to track web searches and browsing activity before generating advertisements on the sites that users visit, was included as standard on many of the brands’ devices and caused uproar among consumers. It has even inspired lawsuits, with both Lenovo and Superfish accused of violating wiretap and personal property laws.

Rather than panic or abandon any sense of responsibility, Lenovo has partnered with Microsoft and McAfee to create updates and eradicate all Superfish software. It is also moving to quarantine the software’s certificate, even though a Superfish ...

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