Inner Exile Hydra Self-Healing iPhone Case Review (The Best-Looking iPhone Case)


To me, design matters — a lot. It’s one of the reasons I bought an iPhone. And not to throw any shade on any iPhone case manufacturers, but the design of the iPhone itself trumps the design of any iPhone case. And so, since last October when I bought my latest iPhone (a 6 Plus), I’ve been searching for a case that lets the beauty of this gracefully adroit device shine through. And I had all but given up hope, I was prepared to settle for mediocrity and err on the side of prudence, until…

Put a pin in that until for twenty seconds while I explain what I mean by “the beauty of the device” that I don’t want covered up by some ugly case. In the mobile world, the iPhone is the closest thing to a sculpture that exists. It’s art that millions of people take for granted daily. There’s purpose to placement; details that people may never notice have been painstakingly labored over (like the fact that the speaker, lightning port and microphone all line up along a perfectly centered horizontal line across the phone’s bottom edge). It’s an object that deserves some appreciation.

In a less abstract sense, the iPhone is very thin therefore I don’t want a bulky case. Additionally, the iPhone, the colors of which I specifically picked (white ...

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