TomTom Bandit Action Cam: Highest Quality Video, Easiest To Use Features

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Action cameras are nothing new: they’ve been around for awhile now and the genre has grown a bit stale. There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in this space. On the contrary, it’s been a bit of a slow crawl forward with higher specs here and there. That’s why the team at DailyTekk is excited about the TomTom Bandit action cam.

The Bandit is a 4K action and that’s where it’s similarities with other action cams ends. It’s a completely fresh riff on what an action camera can and should be. I get the feeling that the engineers behind this camera went back to the drawing board and asked themselves, “If we blow everything up and start from scratch, what would we keep, what would we get rid of and what would we add?” If you ask me, they nailed it and here’s why.


The TomTom team kept the soul of an action — it’s essential components — intact. Anything superfluous or gimmicky or unfriendly that you might see from other manufacturers is gone. What’s left is an attractive, rugged, portable, waterproof camera that shoots 4K UHD (Ultra-HD) footage.

Important things TomTom steered away from with the design of the Bandit include an awkward rectangular shape, the need for a cord for file transfer and charging and multiple models to choose from.

The design ...

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