Is This The Best Selfie Stick Ever?


The first time I saw a selfie stick I was experiencing what it was like to float thousands of ridiculous feet above the street next to the Willis Tower in Chicago. The only thing preventing me from splatting was a layer of transparent glass.

But the moment was incomplete because my wife and I both wanted to get our picture taken together in the crazy glass cube hanging off the side of the building over the city. But after I exited attraction I witnessed something strange: an Asian fellow was in the cube by himself with a long pole holding a camera.

My wife and I laughed hysterically; what was this guy doing? But then it hit me that what he had was sort of brilliant. He didn’t need anyone else to take his picture (he was apparently visiting the Willis Tower solo), the stick retracted when not in use to as not to take up much space and it didn’t look like the stick would be visible in the photo.

Now I’m one of those people getting laughed at by others who have yet to witness a selfie stick in action. Yep, what I laughed at at first has now become an accessory I don’t usually leave home without if I know I I’m going to be visiting something picture-worthy.

Since the Willis Tower ...

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