Monowear Leather And Nylon Apple Watch Bands Review


The Apple Watch helps me get through the day. Like I mentioned in the recent video Is The Apple Watch A Keeper (In 60 Seconds), the Apple Watch has helped me get fit and stay healthier, has helped me become more organized and has kept me more informed.

But like anything, after time, even a new gadget from Apple can start to feel a bit stale… or too familiar. People like variety. It’s why they customize their iPhones with cases and wallpapers that match their personality or mood or even the occasion.

Interestingly, Apple is known for giving people fewer options in the name of higher quality. Android for years has been a realm where almost anything goes, for instance, while iOS has remained a walled garden. Obviously, that’s an approach that has served Apple well in recent years, but the ability for Watch owners to swap bands (even for bands not designed in Cupertino) is a good way to strike a balance with customers on the issue of choice.


Especially since all but one of Apple’s Watch bands cost $149 or more.

Recently, several companies have made it their mission to provide Apple Watch buyers with alternatives to official Apple Watch bands. For the past several days I’ve been putting bands from one such company to the test.

Monowear’s tagline is this: A ...

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