Leesa Foam Mattress Review: “Super Freaking Amazing”


I hate feeling tired. When I’m tired it’s hard to wake up and get going, my head feels like it’s in a fog for hours and I get cranky. As I head into my thirties, a decade for which I have big expectations and from which I plan to squeeze every ounce of living from, once thing is clear: I need better (and more) sleep.

So on my quest for better sleep I’ve tried all kinds of things. Staying away from caffeine after dinner helps a little (but I miss the days when I could down half a 6-pack of Mtn. Dew and sleep like a baby immediately after). So does turning off all blue light-emitting screens long before I hit the sack (when I can manage to pry myself away so early, that is). I heard drinking cherry juice can help you sleep better. I’ve tried it but… I dunno.

But it’s not just caffeine or screens or lack of melatonin that keep me up. If there’s a big project I can’t wait to get started on, I might as well not even try to go to sleep until I get some ideas out of my head and into Evernote. I can get some good thinking done in the shower, but I hate it when my brain decides that 10:45pm is the best time ...

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