The 2 Best Luxury iPhone Cases You Can Buy NOW


There’s no two ways about it: iPhones are luxury phones. Android phones have really sopped up the bottom end of the market and as manufacturers like Samsung do their best to create high-end phones to compete with the iPhone, they’re still struggling to maintain a solid foothold.

But even while a decked out iPhone can cost close to $1,000, it’s still pretty common. They’re everywhere! So if you’re looking for something to give your setup a bit of an edge over your friends or colleagues, here are two of the best iPhone cases I have tested recently. Yes, they are expensive, but they are both really great in their own ways. In other words, it’s not just the high-price or good looks that has landed them on this exclusive list.

Mikol Marble iPhone Cases


For me, the fact that these cases from Mikol are made out of real marble is almost secondary. I simply love the way these cases feel in my hand. In no conceivable way could you say they add bulk to your phone. They are thin and super light (which was a bit shocking to me since I thought of marble as being a heavy stone material). It’s the back of the case that is actually made out of marble; the sides are made out of a plastic that isn’t soft but ...

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