Why I Disabled Stand Reminders On My Apple Watch (And How To Yourself)


The Apple Watch arrives primed to help it’s owner stay healthier by default. One of the ways it aims to accomplish this is with a reminder that fires at 10 till the hour, every hour during the day. At first I liked this feature and embraced it whole heartedly but after 3 months I’ve changed my mind.

During the first few months of ownership, the time to stand reminder on my Apple Watch probably motivated me to actually get up and stand approximately 2 or 3 times. That’s it.

The thing is this: nearly every time the reminder showed up I was busy doing something I found too important to interrupt with a standing break — even a 1 minute standing break. It’s not like I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs or wasting time gaming or watching movies or something. During the day I’m normally working.

But the Apple Watch is smart. It doesn’t remind me to stand when it knows I already am. And actually, I stand for quite a bit of the day, especially in the morning when I’m in the studio filming awesome tech videos. Even so, when I am sitting (typically in the afternoon) I am usually editing those videos or writing an article or answering email or doing something along those lines. So, busy.

I don’t really mind the ...

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