The 3 Best (Affordable) Drones For Video Recording Available NOW


Drones and video go together like peanut butter and jelly. Have you ever seen footage shot from a drone? Changes are you have but might not have known it. Drones are used by Hollywood film crews all the time to achieve incredible angles that would normally not be possible (or would be far more expensive if shot from a helicopter or plane). Luckily for us regular citizens drone prices have dropped while the level of sophistication and list of available features has only expanded.

Realizing people are looking for the best drone they can buy for the money, I’ve put together a list of awesome drones at three different price points. Obviously, the more money you spend the more features and options you’ll get, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a fun drone for under $300!

Best Video Drone Under $1,000


DJI Phantom Standard 3 – $799 at Amazon

There are plenty of more expensive drones, but for under $1,000 I’d say NOTHING beats the Phantom Standard 3 drone from DJI. Not only does it shoot crispy-looking 2.7K HD video from a built-in camera, it can also intelligently fly itself — while filming you! Want it to fly behind your car while you’re driving to capture your ride? How about hovering above you as you take in the view from a hike? Or maybe ...

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