The 4 Best Ways To Find The Best (New & Old) Movies On Netflix Right Now

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Netflix; love it or hate it, it’s become a staple of our modern age. But for the enormous amount of content available to stream on Netflix, it’s can still be surprisingly hard to find something you’re actually in the mood to watch right now. If you’re like me, your Netflix list is long (I think I’ve got nearly 200 movies waiting to be watched at the moment) but somehow you never want to watch any of those movies you’ve previously saved.

And the sad truth is this: the Netflix interface needs a massive overhaul. It’s very rare for me to find something great to watch just by opening up the app and seeing what Netflix presents me (even with their fancy personalization algorithms working to please me). Typically, I’m looking for something new to watch, something good to watch and something that fits my mood. And typically, many of these gems — the best movies on Netflix — aren’t readily apparent through the native Netflix interface. In fact, the problem is so bad there are a number of sites and services aiming to beat Netflix at it’s own game.

Alright, enough buildup: here are 4 awesome services to help you find something good to watch on Netflix. So stop wasting your time scrolling through movies you don’t care about and start finding and watching ...

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