3 Cheap(er) Ways to Get a Gold Apple Watch (Apple Watch Edition Alternatives)

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Want an Apple Watch Edition (the gold Apple Watch) but don’t have $10,000 laying around to make it happen? Well, you’re in luck (sort of) as there are a few companies that will gold plate your less expensive Apple Watch for a few hundred dollars or so.

What’s interesting is that the hardware contained within Apple’s Watch Sport and Watch Edition models are identical; it’s just the casing that differs. Obviously this lets rich people set themselves apart from the peasants. But it should be noted that there are some notable differences between gold plating a cheaper Apple Watch and buying the actual Watch Edition…

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Watch Edition gold is up to twice as hard as “normal” gold, so it’s tougher than the gold you’d get with one of the services listed below. There’s also the sapphire crystal display (i.e. super, super tough display). Oh and the, ahem, premium leather charging box. Whoa! Plus, Apple’s warranty is voided the second you let someone mess with your Watch. So the risks are totally up to you as to whether or not it’s worth having an Apple Watch with some gold (any gold) on it. My only advice is this: unless you can afford to replace your Apple ...

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