Dear Everyone: Don’t Ever Buy a 16GB iPhone (or Android Phone)

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16GB of storage on a phone isn’t nearly enough. This is a post I’ve been thinking about writing forever but never got around to because I kept reading rumors that the next version of the iPhone wouldn’t have a 16GB model to choose from. But now I’m seeing rumors that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus might have 16GB starter models. So here we go.

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Like many people in the world who want an awesome new phone, I’ve bought a few 16GB iPhone models in the past. The reason is simple: I wanted the best new phone and, since phones are expensive, I went with the cheapest option.

That changed when I bought my most recent phone: the iPhone 6 Plus. I made sure to get a 64GB model which had 4 times the amount of storage as my last iPhone (a 16GB model). And guess what… I’m wishing I had gotten the 128GB model!

Now I realize that for plenty of people there simply isn’t an option. You’ve gotta go with whatever you’ve got the money to spend. Fine. Proceed. But IF you have an option I highly recommend going for a phone model with more storage than 64GB. Even a jump to 32GB in your phone can be a luxurious ...

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