The 5 Best New Resources for All Kinds of Writers


Depending on the time of day, the project you’re working on and your level of motivation, writing can either be easy or hard. It can be fun, boring, empowering or draining. It can be a hobby or it can pay the bills. But whatever it is to you at the moment, it’s about to get much harder to write poorly thanks to these awesome new writing resources I’ve just rounded up. There are now so many great writing tools, apps and services that it can be hard to sort through them to find the real gems. Luckily for you I’ve already done all of the hard work.

What you won’t find here are writing programs (minimal, as is the new trend, full-featured, online, markdown-capable or otherwise). That’s a post for another day. What you will find here are tools to motivate you, tools to make sure you’re writing correctly and even a tool to help you get paid to write what you’re really passionate about. Enjoy!

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You’re probably writing wrong. Grammarly can fix that for you, though, by finding up to 10x more mistakes than your favorite word processor. It can fix over 250 types of errors (most of of can’t be found by ...

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