The 10 Best New Awesome Tech Product Launches This Week – 9/4/15

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giphyStarting today I’ll be posting the coolest new technology products announced during the week each Friday. It’ll be a highly curated list of the best new apps, gadgets and tech startup launches. Why? I want to make it easy for you to catch up on the latest tech news in just a minute or two. I’ll be putting these posts together as the week goes on so it will be a very organic process. When I come across a new product I think is truly great or interesting I add it to a notebook in Evernote. When Friday rolls around I comb through the items I stashed there and pull out on the very very best to include in this list. Hope you like it! Subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s coolest new tech news.

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Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

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This is the first non-Apple smartwatch that makes me think, “Wow.” With a variety of useful apps ready to go, new watch face designs and some interesting bands/bezels, the Gear S2 might be the first real Android-powered Apple Watch alternative worth a serious look. Learn more.

Next Keyboard for iPhone

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If you’ve been disappointed by the software keyboards available for iOS so far, the ...

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