The 3 Best Recipe Apps for Vegetarians and Vegans


For years now, vegetarian and vegan stuff has been weird. Restaurants with weird or crappy names and logos, people with funky looks and smells… you know what I mean. And the same has been true in the digital world. First there were websites like Happy Cow that, while at least trying, had terrible designs. And in the app world… don’t even get me started. Vegman, for instance, probably offers a decent service, but it embraces that same ultra-hippie, low-class weirdness vibe that normal people can’t really embrace. In short, people pushing vegetarian and veganism have, for many years, been playing things too niche which, unfortunately I think, has made each lifestyle less accessible to normal, mainstream people.

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But that’s slowly beginning to change. There are some really decent vegetarian restaurants opening up around the country and vegetarian food products are starting to really hit their stride (Beyond Meat anyone?). And there are a few vegetarian and vegan apps doing their thing as well. I’ve highlighted 3 of the best vegetarian/vegan apps I could find below. What do you think?

Green Kitchen Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 6.14.47 AM

Without a doubt, Green Kitchen’s Healthy Vegetarian Recipes app is the nicest-looking vegetarian app on the planet. The polish that went ...

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