The 5 Best New Encrypted Messaging Apps to Protect Your Privacy


We’re now living in an age where privacy is a luxury. Sad, but true. In reality, we normal consumers — we American’s living the dream — have no idea how much information we share and give up every day. To companies like Google when we search, to the government and even to friends we send messages to. For a glimpse of what I’m talking about, go watch CitizenFour (I haven’t seen it yet, but am eager to).

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Disclaimer: In no way am I anything close to a security expert. Plus, I haven’t actually used any of these so I can’t even tell you how well they work. Still, these seem like the best new encrypted messaging apps out there, so hopefully you find this list useful. But do your own research before using any of these services. It’d probably be a good idea to take a good look at the FAQ section of each app below as well (although Cyph needs to update theirs, lol; at the moment it has one question and answer).


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I’m listing Wickr first not only because of it’s insane encryption and privacy but also because of it’s sleek design. With Wickr you’ll get decentralized peer-to-peer encryption with multiple rounds ...

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