10 Must-See Articles from Last Week on DailyTekk

It was a busy week on DailyTekk with lots of great articles and videos! Here are a few of our top picks if you’ve been away…

The 5 Best New Resources for All Kinds of Writers – Depending on the time of day, the project you’re working on and your level of motivation, writing can either be easy or hard. It can be fun, boring, empowering or draining.

Pleasant Surprises: The 4 Best Under-the-Radar iOS 9 Features – When testing out the iOS 9 Public Beta, there were a few new things I noticed that, while relatively small updates, have really put a smile on my face as an iPhone user.

House of Marley Get Together Speaker and Liberate XLBT Headphones Double Review – Check out this double review of the Liberate XLBT Bluetooth headphones and the Get Together Bluetooth speaker both from House of Marley.

3 Awesome (New) Ways to Learn How to Code – On the verge of 2016 there are officially a lot of ways to learn how to code. I’ve covered several already here on DailyTekk but coding resources are being added so quickly that it’s already time for an update.

The 3 Best Android Wear Watches You Can Buy NOW (Apple Watch Alternatives) – Now that iPhone users can officially use Android Wear, I thought it was time for a ...

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