12 Tips to Get the Most Out of Google

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Google provides a wide range of useful products and programs, and they become more useful once you pick up on a few tips and tricks.

5 Tips to Use Google Search More Effectively

Exclude irrelevant results. Using a simple dash (-) before certain words, will exclude any web pages with unwanted search results. For example, if you want to know about buckeye trees that grow in Ohio, but not the Ohio State Buckeyes, you could search for “buckeyes -football,” which will remove any web pages related to the sport.

Search for products in certain price ranges. Using Google to find a product you want is no fun if you keep coming up with too-expensive results. Use a certain price range instead. Are you looking for a new bike for your child? Simply use the search term “children’s bike $100…$200.” You can obtain results within your budget by using a few dots within your money range on the search.

Only search recent articles. Are you looking for the most current news stories about a particular politician or celebrity? Once you search for their name, click on “search tools.” Click on “anytime” and use the drop-down menu to narrow your search to within the timeframe you’d like your results to come from. For example, if you are doing research on IT service providers around your area and ...

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