10 Useful New Tech Tools and Resources for Freelancers to Make More Money


Freelancing is all about being efficient. Getting clients, rocking your skills, keeping clients happy, handling the business side, continuously learning and improving your craft and, if you’re doing it right, living the dream. But it’s not always easy. I know because I spent several years as a freelance designer before starting this site. And MAMMA MIA! How I wish this 10 insanely awesome and useful freelancing tech tools and resources had been around back then.

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Every freelancer on the planet knows about old tools like Freshbooks and Harvest. So passé. I’ve gone to an enormous amount of work uncovering 10 BRAND NEW resources freelancers should be aware of. And what I’ve done is break the list into two parts. The first part contains business tools while the last 5 items are community and training resources. In any case this entire list is geared toward helping you make more money because that’s the name of the game. Just because you have some skills you won’t necessarily be able to pay the bills… so dig in!



Freelancing is a lot of things but chief among them all, it’s stressful. Cushion aims to make freelancing less stressful (and more productive and lucrative) by combining scheduling, budgeting ...

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