Goodbye ESPN: The 5 Best New Apps for NFL Football (and Sports) Fans

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Well, the new NFL season has officially blasted onto the scene. But are you prepared to take full advantage of that screen in your pocket? You may call yourself the ultimate sports fan, but it’s hard to say you’re all-in unless your phone’s rocking some of the best new NFL/sports apps. No, I’m not talking about the official NFL apps — or ESPN, CBS Sports, etc… — I’m talking about NEW apps for diehard football fans. As in really useful apps that take you deeper into the sport you love, give you more info in better, easier-to-use formats, help you connect with other fans, get you to the game itself, give you the edge when it comes to showing off and keep you up-to-date (in realtime) so you always know exactly what’s going on. So whether you’re looking for a stats fix, the best second screen football apps, the best digital hangouts for before and after games or simply as much news as you can get about your favorite NFL teams and players, you’re in the right place. Note: the apps below are in no particular order and… go Broncos!

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NFL tickets are expensive; no two ways about it. But you know what ...

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