The 10 Best Slack Integrations Your Team Will Love


Ready to supercharge your Slack experience? Slack powers the communications of so many teams that its no wonder there are so many crazy and awesome integrations out there. So we had to make a list of some of the best. This article is a mix of some serious integrations that are meant to help you get more work done and some fun integrations that will bright some joy to your otherwise monotonous work day.  DO NOT miss the last item on this list 🙂

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The Slack List

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Check out The Slack List; a hand-picked selection of the best Slack communities. Browse everything or choose from categories like technology, business, gaming, TV, design and more.

Hire Large

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By mentioning @large in Slack someone from Large will do whatever it is you need done (well, probably not whatever, but you know what I mean). From getting some food for lunch to arranging travel plans to getting someone out to fix the plumbing to researching to making purchases.


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What happens in your Slack channels doesn’t have to stay there. SlackDigest aims to extract the most important info from your channels and present it in your inbox at the start of everyday so you can be ...

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