The 3 Best NEW Ad-Blockers for iOS 9 and Safari

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Just last week I posted an article called The 3 Best Ad Blockers You Can Get Now. It was really a breakdown of the best desktop ad blockers but today we take a look at some mobile (iPhone) ad blockers. Why? iOS 9 (which just became available) allows customers to install ad-blocking if they are so inclined. It’s not a feature that is turned on by default so if you’re looking for a great ad-blocker for your iPhone you came to the right place. Nobody can blame you for wanting a faster, more private, browsing experience.

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That said, I do have mixed feelings about ad blocking as a publisher. Please read my comments in last week’s ad blocker article (linked above) for my feelings as a person wearing first a publisher and then consumer hat. In any case, I want you to have the experience you want to have and if that means blocking ads I want to be the person to tell you about the best ad blockers you can get your hands on at the moment! Enjoy.


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I wrote about Ghostery in last week’s roundup of the best desktop ad blockers. I said it would be my personal choice for blocking ...

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