Is It Worth Jumping on the Digital Wallet Craze?


Chances are, you know someone who has paid for a meal or some other purchase with their phone via a digital wallet. This may have left you wondering what this was all about and whether or not it was worth the time and effort to sign up for such a service. The following article will dive into all the details of digital wallets to help you answer the question of whether or not a digital wallet is right for you.

Digital Wallet Background

For those who don’t know, a digital wallet is an application, usually on your phone that stores all the information needed to make a payment. You connect your credit card/bank information to the app and then can use the app to make a purchase right from your phone. Digital wallets also give you the ability to store and use coupons as well. Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal are a few of the most popular digital wallets out now.

Benefits of Digital Wallets

The ability to make a quick and convenient purchase is one of the biggest benefits of a digital wallet according to Dom at Using a digital wallet is quick and requires nothing more than your phone.

Another benefit of using a digital wallet is that it provides another level of security between you and your ...

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