Election Apps 2016: EASILY Get Informed and Make Your Voice Heard

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I think a lot of people don’t vote because they 1.) don’t have time to learn enough about the candidates and issues to feel like their vote is truly informed or 2.) they’re just not sure who and what to believe. Thankfully there are a number of really great apps, websites and services coming to the rescue. I’ve gathered what I think are the best new political and election apps and websites of the year to help you understand political races and make your voice heard and vote count in the 2016 presidential race and beyond. There are several apps listed here that every single American with a smartphone should have installed. If you’ve got a smartphone it would be truly hard to come up with a good excuse for being in the dark about political issues anymore. So whatever your stance (whether your a Democrat, Rebublican, unregistered, outlier, independent, etc.) get your butt in gear and use the power the constitution gives you.

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You know what you believe. Now find out which candidate and party (in any election, including the Presidential race) most closely aligns with your views with Voter. This app’s user interface is Tinder-inspired: swipe right when you agree on an issue and swipe left when you don’t. ...

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