Are You Backing Up Your Data?


It is virtually critical to continuously backup all your data. All information is vulnerable; there is nothing completely safe in a personal computer. There is a high risk of losing valuable information at any time without warning.

Data Loss 

There are many ways to cause data loss:

  1. Viruses and Malware – Many businesses have been affected by cryptolocker, ransomware that encrypts files and demands ransom for the data recovery.
  2. Files accidentally deleted – People have accidentally updated or deleted documents that are necessary at work causing a slowdown in the workflow.
  3. Misplacement or Theft – Phones, tablets, and laptops with critical information have been lost or stolen and even though the device can be easily replaced, the data is not so easy to restore.

With a proper backup solution, you can save valuable time and money and continue with the productivity of your business. Everyone is vulnerable, educate yourself and have a plan of action in place for when you’re data is compromised. There are many factors needed to be analyzed as you decide on which backup method you prefer, onsite or offsite. The data size, value, and the growth of your business should be considered when deciding which option is the best for you.

External Hard Drive

Storing of data in external hard discs or USB flash disks, is the most inexpensive, quick ...

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