Swatch Touch Zero One In-Depth Review: The Beginning of Something Big

Swatch Touch Zero One Review 2

A few days ago I was on-hand at the Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where Swatch showed off a cool new watch designed specifically for beach volleyball players and fans: the Swatch Touch Zero One.

The Swatch Touch Zero One is a comfortably sporty, niche-focused yet mainstream-accessible activity tracker that looks beautifully low-tech on the outside but is spectacularly high-tech at the core of what it does and packed full of features I found exceptionally interesting and innovative. What the team at Swatch has begun with this device is undeniably brilliant. The watch and the wider ecosystem it is helping to establish are absolutely significant developments in the world of wearable technology and I will be very excited to see where Swatch takes things next. Very. Excited.

The primary function of the Touch Zero One is to enhance the beach volleyball experience. For players this means tracking and analyzing performance in a device that has to be durable enough to deal with sand, water and constant jolts. For fans — and this is a very cool feature — this means having a chance to be more involved in the game (more on that momentarily).

Beach volleyball players, from beginners to professionals, can use the Touch Zero One to track data like power and number of hits and see ...

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