Cell Phone Insurance: Protect Your Smartphone for $5.99/mo (Wherever You Bought It)


I’m hard on cell phones — are you? My everyday, go-to phone is the iPhone, but being a tech reviewer there are Android devices laying around and being shipped in for review all the time. I’m hard on them too. I have to be. Life isn’t a pillowy soft experience; if you drop your phone it doesn’t land on a bed of marshmallows, it smashes into the concrete or asphalt. So if you’re looking for the best smartphone insurance (and most affordable as well), I just might have you covered. Keep reading.

Yes, I use phone cases — I review some of the best iPhone cases every single month. Cheap cases, luxury cases, thin cases and cases that could survive getting run over by a tank. But I hate huge iPhone cases with a passion. They’re so ugly and they don’t fit as well in my pocket. I like cases that look like they’re barely there; minimal cases. The only problem with them is that they tend to leave parts of my phone exposed. So if I drop it, it will mostly be protected, but perhaps not all the way.

I just sent my iPhone 6 Plus back to T-Mobile in order to get my new iPhone 6s (bad experience by the way; T-Mobile offers a pretty miserable trade-in experience). When I sent it back ...

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