Kanex iPhone Dock Review


iPhone docks are important. They’re better than cords for charging phones on desks and nightstands or anywhere where a person might want to see the phone’s screen easily while it powers-up. And if you haven’t yet seen the Kanex iPhone dock, it’s worth a look.

I’m a big fan of many of the products produced by Kanex from the Multi Sync keyboards to the 4-port charging station and beyond. It’s one of my favorite Apple accessory manufacturers.

The Kanex iPhone dock looks very nice and has an equally nice price coming in $10 cheaper than the official Apple iPhone 6s docks at $39.

It sports an aluminum finish, charges and syncs your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s (including the Plus models) and is designed to make hands-free FaceTime calls easy and enjoyable.


There are a couple of appealing features that help set this dock apart from the pack. First is the articulating Lightning connection designed to reduce stress on your phone and the dock during connection. The male Lightning port rocks forward and back (but is spring-loaded to rest in a backward position, thus leaning your phone at an optimal angle for viewing). I found it simple to dock my phone with one hand thanks to this ability.

I also really like the cord length which is not all that long at 3 feet. ...

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