The 10 Best NEW Habit Tracking Apps for Nailing Your Life Goals

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Jerry Seinfeld has a simple strategy for being more productive: don’t break the chain. After I heard him mention this in an interview (possibly with Alec Baldwin, I can’t remember) I got more interested in tracking habits. Now it’s easier than ever for you to form a strong chain of life-changing habits every day thanks to a bunch of really great smartphone and smartwatch apps.

Along with Evernote, Wunderlist and Fantastical, a habit tracking app rounds out my suite of essential iPhone productivity apps. They all track different things for me. Evernote tracks my knowledge, Wunderlist tracks my todo list, Fantastical tracks my reminders and calendar events and, starting today, Momentum tracks my habits. Prior to Momentum I was using another habit tracking app on this list but after putting this list together and doing all the research and seeing what each app has to offer, Momentum just looks unbeatable for me. I want something that works across all my devices — not just on my iPhone or Apple Watch — so that’s a big deal for me. And the no-nonsense design, the ability to mark things off using notifications and the Today widget are all excellent as well. Let me know what app you’re going to go with and why in the comments below!

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