The Best Way to Organize Your iPhone Apps (with 3D Touch)


What’s the best way to organize your iPhone apps? I’ve put a lot of time into trying to solve this puzzle and I think I’ve finally come up with the best solution. And it’s all thanks to Apple’s awesome new 3D Touch feature.

Before I arrived at my current app setup I tried everything you could think of (and even some things you couldn’t). I tried all folders on the home screen and hated it because it took at least two taps to launch anything and looked cluttered and less visually appealing since I couldn’t see any of the well-designed app icons hiding inside the folders.

More radically I once tried organizing EVERY single app in one folder that lived on the bottom bar of my phone screen which I dubbed the Focus Folder technique. I actually really liked it and, true to it’s nickname, it did cut down on “wasted time” in news and social apps as they were buried several swipes away. But ultimately it felt like a waste of space and a bit over the top (although I really enjoyed seeing people’s dumbfounded reactions).

I won’t bore you with the various other app configurations I’ve tried, but suffice it to say: if it can be done, I’ve done it (with the one exception of organizing all apps by color which looks ...

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