Life Hack: Get an Amazingly Powerful Computer for just $70!


Computers are more important to us today than they ever have been. But keeping up with the latest computer hardware can be a hassle — not to mention quite expensive. But what if you could get your hands on a ridiculously fast computer for a ridiculously affordable price?

You’ve probably heard of cloud computing. It’s been around for several years now. From Gmail to Netflix to Spotify lots of your favorite apps and services run “in the cloud.” It only makes sense for those companies to run their businesses on virtual machines. That way they don’t have to own the hardware they use to run on; they can rent it for a far cheaper price. Now you can take advantage of that same brilliant tactic for your own computer(s).

Globaldyne Systems

GlobalDyne Systems is offering users the ability to purchase virtual desktops tailored for individual needs. Are you a light computer user? There’s a plan for you. Are you an average computer user? There’s a plan for you too. And if you’re a heavy computer user, there’s a really exciting plan for you.

If you want screaming computer performance (like 4 CPU cores, 8 GB of memory, 100 GB of storage, 100 Mbps bandwidth and fullscreen resolution) you don’t have to go out and custom-build a new PC or get an ultra-expensive Alienware-type setup. You can rent ...

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