POWERGO-GO Review: I’m Addicted to this Wireless iPhone Charging System


I’m really — really — excited about POWERGO-GO. It’s a set of iPhone accessories that will dock and charge your phone wirelessly. Yes, plenty of Android devices have built-in wireless charging and yes there is at least one other magnetic docking system I can think of, but for iPhone users POWERGO-GO brings together the best of both worlds. As I tech reviewer I see a lot of gadgets each week and I have to say I was surprised at how much I have enjoyed using this system; I expected it to be interested and maybe even cool, but I didn’t expect it to be as compelling as it is.

The POWERGO-GO system consists of an iPhone case, a dock, a car dock, a portable battery and a charging cord and everything snaps together magnetically (which is really awesome in real-world use). Also, the wireless docking doesn’t just charge your phone; it can sync data as well. The case is the main draw, of course, and you can choose to power it any way you’d like: but you’ll need at least one charger. I tested all of the above.

My test device is the brand new iPhone 6s. The Powergo-go set I got was technically for the iPhone 6 but is completely compatible with the 6s; I’ve had no issues.


One thing I don’t like ...

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