TAO Aura Clean Electric Toothbrush System Review: The Best Electric Toothbrush?


I’be been wanting to try an electric toothbrush for years. I’m a tech writer; how could I resist? But I have been waiting for one that wasn’t just a toothbrush with a battery. I wanted something a little smarter and more innovative. Something like the TAO Aura Clean electric toothbrush system.

Let’s cut right to the heart of the matter: this toothbrush cleans my teeth incredibly well. The only time my teeth feel cleaner is the actual day I’ve been to the dentist for a cleaning.

And before I dive into the functions and look of this toothbrush, let me say something important. This toothbrush has made brushing my teeth easier and more enjoyable which in turn makes me want to brush more often (something I thought I would never say). It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why or how that is the case but I think that, in general, when a product feels superior it’s inherently more likable and makes you want to take advantage of the advantage(s) it gives.


Aside from being electric, the other big benefit of the TAO is that it self-sanitizes between cleanings in it’s holster. So, you could say, it cleans your teeth and itself.

The TAO cleans so well because of the micro-movements (vibrations) that scrub your teeth far more than you could do yourself. It ...

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