Here’s How to Win an LG Ultralight Laptop and an LG UltraWide Monitor


If you need to upgrade your work or gaming setup (or even if you just want to), pay attention: LG is giving away several Ultralight laptops AND UltraWide monitors. All you have to do is get a bit creative. Read more below or click here to enter.

In order to win this crazy awesome gear, you’ll need to build your dream setup… out of cardboard. That’s right! Get out your glue, scissors, tape and all those old boxes laying around and get to building. You definitely don’t have to have a bunch of technical knowledge (forget being able to name specific ports or connectors). It’s good enough to just illustrate your imagination. Want a bunch of huge monitors? Make it happen. Want walls that are actually screens? Show ’em. This is your chance to dream big (and I’m guessing, though I’m not a judge, that the bigger you dream, the better your chances). This isn’t a competition where you want to go small. You know what they say: go big or go home!


Personally I think I’d have a lot of fun entering this contest; win or lose. I’m a creative person by nature so inventing things and thinking up possibilities sounds like a blast. True, I haven’t touched those grade-school era crafty tools for a loooong time, but getting my hands dirty ...

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