Hatcher & Ethan: The Best, Coolest Wall Art for Men


Art affects us more than we realize. I’m not talking about Mona Lisa. I’m talking about the creativity that we use to turn our spaces into livable, enjoyable, inspiring habitats. Simply put, life without art sucks.

Aside from paint and perhaps wallpaper, wall art is the main way we can energize and personalize our surroundings. So it only stands to reason that we would want to possess and invest in the best, coolest wall art and decor we could get our hands on.

I recently went on a search to find the classiest, most unique and creative collection of wall art I could find and I landed on a new favorite site/brand of mine: Hatcher & Ethan. Hatcher & Ethan is a sister brand of Oliver Gal (another site with awesome art). They feature art collections ranging from Abstracts to Blueprints to Dogs to Maps and Flags to Modern Typography to Movie Fanart to Vintage.

Hatcher & Ethan clicks with me because of the style. I’m a guy and honestly it’s hard to find “guy art” that isn’t cheap, cliche or pandering. But Hatcher & Ethan hits the mark dead-on: this is art for men that doesn’t underwhelm. It’s classy, it’s classic, it’s colorful, it’s creative; in a word, it’s cool. In fact, this is some of the coolest art for guys I’ve ...

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