Is a $300 Luxury Razor with a $30 Monthly Blade Subscription Worth It? OneBlade Review

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Today I tested a $300 single blade razor: the OneBlade. It’s a precisely-made single-blade razor that feels premium in every single way which is, obviously, aimed at the luxury market. I really like the idea of it but, in reality, I’m nonplussed by the actual experience.

I get it — that whole Nick Offerman, “I’m the manliest” vibe. I do. There’s something about the notion of treating your face like a piece of wood being carved or handcrafted by an artisan — about doing something that requires practice and skill — that’s appealing to guys. Plus, who doesn’t love premium, luxury products? That’s what I feel the OneBlade razor is trying to sell me on: that experience. If I own the OneBlade razor I can be a craftsman when I shave every morning.

That’s all well and good but I’m a millennial. I grew up using electric razors and I’m hooked on them. They solve a couple of real problems for men: they are faster and less messy than traditional razors. If you’re in a hurry (which I am every day) they’re the fastest possible way to get shaved and out the door. And you don’t have to mess around with shaving cream, either.

Another big advantage of using an electric razor over a traditional razor is that it’s a one time purchase. Buy ...

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