Siliconvicts Review: Funny, Clever, Awesome Shirts for Startup Peoples

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Irony is the best. Or is it? Yes it is. Can you tell if I’m being ironic? But in all seriousness, if you work in tech — if you found, fund, work for or even if you just use — tech products, you’re going to LOVE a new t-shirt company called Siliconvicts.

Coding is my cardio. Talk nerdy to me. Python and chill. Unicorn hunter. I think, therefore I code. Caffeinate, incubate, iterate. #funded. These are just some of the slogans you can get on a (comfy) white or grey Siliconvicts shirt.

I’m such a huge fan of these shirts. Wearing them around Denver people can’t help but read them and make comments. Everywhere I go people in the know let me know they think these shirts are dope.


These shirts are the best conversation starters. I was in an elevator in Denver’s trendy LoHi neighborhood and two people I would’ve never, ever have talked to normally (no offense to them, I’m just not a big elevator talker) said they loved the shirt and immediately surmised I did something startup related. We got to talking. Turns out they owned a small software company. Nice people.

A few minutes later I walked into Habit Doughnut Dispensary and was greeted with, “Oh, you’re in startups.” Or somethign like that. “Yep.” I then proceeded to eat the ...

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