Carved Recycled Skateboard Traveler iPhone 6s Case Review


I love skateboarding and I love my iPhone so it only makes sense that I’d love an iPhone case made out of recycled skateboard decks. Are you kidding me? That’s dope! And that’s exactly what Carved has produced. It’s the Carved Recycled Skateboard iPhone 6/6s Plus Traveler case and it’s one of my all-time favorites.

Why? This wood case is slim enough, grippy enough, compatible with enough accessories, looks cool enough and is priced good enough to be the best iPhone 6s case I’ve reviewed all year.

Readers of DailyTekk know I hate bulky cases. If a case is going to be bulky, it better have some crazy features to make me want to use it day in and day out (shoutout to PowerGo-Go, the only case that falls into that category).

Luckily, this Carved case is pretty slim. Not the slimmest case I’ve tested, but definitely slim enough. It doesn’t add any considerable bulk and that means the case/phone is easy to handle.

Actually, it’s REALLY easy to handle. That’s because in addition to being slim, it’s also grippy. Like G-R-I-P-P-Y. Like grip tape on a skateboard gives riders more traction, the rubber-wrapped sides around the edges of the case keep the phone securely in your grip. This is probably the most likable iPhone case grip I’ve come across. Not too much, not too ...

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