The Innovation of the Smart LED and how they will make your Home Autonomous & Futuristic 


LED lighting was once a thing of science fiction. Cool lights which don’t waste energy, keep environmental damage to an absolute minimum, and which look impressive to boot. Thanks to massive leaps and bounds in LED technology over the last few decades, home LED lighting isn’t just a possibility, but it’s actually the most cost effective way of lighting your home, using 90 per cent less energy to do the same job as an incandescent bulb. Thanks to the innovation of the smart LED, this technology is getting more and more futuristic by the day.

There are many ways that LEDs can be classified as smart, but by and large a smart LED is one that reacts to a given stimulus. The most basic of these are used for autonomous lighting, using natural light levels as the stimulus to determine whether or not to light your home. During the day when natural light floods into your room these LEDs remain off. As the sun begins to set, these LEDs begin to brighten, helping keep a constant lighting level in your home as the evening progresses and night falls. They do this by constantly monitoring light levels above your house to help ensure that your home is always lit to the optimum level. This of course, doesn’t mean that they’re fully automatic – they still have ...

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