The Best iPhone Battery Case I’ve Tested All Year: Spyder PowerShadow Review

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Regular readers know I don’t like bulky cases. If it’s going to be bulky, it better add some crazy-useful functionality. And battery cases are about as bulky as they get. Event the “thin” ones. Well I’ve just spend some time testing out the Spyder PowerShadow iPhone battery case and there’s actually a lot to like for certain types of users. Let me explain.

The Spyder PowerShadow is an iPhone battery case with some interesting features (one of which is very unique). It’s the thinnest battery case in it’s class (2,750 mAh) and it’s the iPhone battery case I’d choose to use if I had to use one (which, these days, is more and more often).

I qualify as a power user. Nary a day goes by where I don’t just about kill my phone battery or have to inconveniently charge it at some point during the day. And with my iPhone 6s’s less-than-great battery performance, the situation is only all the more exaggerated. The obvious solution to this problem would seem to be a battery case.

But ever since I first got my hands on an iPhone battery case (which was a Mophie Juice Pack, I believe), I’ve had a love hate relationship with them. I love that they keep me from every having to worry about charging my phone during the day. I ...

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