How I Made My WordPress Site Faster and Doubled AdSense Earnings OVERNIGHT


I just redesigned my WordPress website to be faster and my AdSense earnings increased by 104% overnight. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a way to increase my AdSense revenue — it just happened as a side effect of making my site load faster. Here’s the entire story (including some ideas on how you can increase your WordPress site’s speed).

When you own a WordPress website, making it run as fast as possible should be your top priority. My site — — has been around since 2012 and I only just learned this valuable lesson last week. But Google’s been saying this for years (it promotes sites in search results when they load faster over those that load slower). It is said that website visitors expect a site to load within 2 seconds before they consider giving up or moving on.

The Real Reason I Redesigned for Optimized Speed

Just a couple weeks ago DailyTekk suddenly began running very, very slow. Then the site began to crash — it just wouldn’t load. These issues hit our team out of the blue; they were completely unexpected. The problem? We had a bloated site that couldn’t handle the rate of growth we were experiencing.

DailyTekk had grown more than 250% in the previous 12 months which was great news. But that growth led to some ...

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