10 EASY Ways to Raise Money for Awesome Charities (Thanks to Tech)


The best way to raise money for charity is the easiest way for one simple reason: people are lazy (and busy). If you can make raising money for a good cause as simple, as pain-free and as frictionless as possible, you’ll make making a difference in the world easier for the average person to grasp. And that’s just what the 10 resources listed on this page have done. If you’re a concerned global citizen looking for some fun, useful or smart ways to help your favorite charities you’re going to love this post. On the other hand if you work for a charity or nonprofit organization and are looking for some good ideas on how to raise more money for your cause, you’re also in the right place (and don’t forget to check out our Charity Toolbox for 100 nonprofit tech tools).


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If you set Welzoo as your homepage you’ll see a cool new website based on your interests when it loads and Welzoo will donate money to charity. Yes, it’s that simple and you can track the progress of your charity as well to see the impact you’re having. DailyTekk gets some traffic from Welzoo, so I know people are using it.

Tab for a Cause

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Tab for a Cause sponsors donate money to your favorite cause every time you open a ...

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