Awesome New Urban Furniture for Phone Addicts


Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Ryan Sides.

By now, we’ve all grown accustomed to packing our charger with us at all times. Maybe we stash multiple chargers in the locations we frequent most or shamelessly proposition  cashiers, restaurant servers and total strangers into letting us “plug in” for a second. We know it’s insane, but we also know there’s just nothing worse than leaving the house with a dying phone, or the grand-daddy of unfortunate situations, a dead phone that you actually need to use. Perhaps it’s this very phenomenon that’s prompted a recent trend in stationary outdoor furniture or “Urban Furniture” that’s taking hold in Boston as a functional solution to all of your phone charging woes.

To be fair, there have been a few conscious efforts in making charging less of a hassle before urban furniture. Take credit card lock-and-keyed phone charging stations for example.  You may have already seen them in bars and clubs. Essentially, it’s an electronic cubby where, after swiping a credit card, you’re given access to one of six or seven charging ports and charged  a flat rate to charge your device.   Once charged, you simply swipe the same card again to remove your phone in a simple process of collateral. These stations are a hit with amusement parks, airports, and even standalone rentals at special ...

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