I Didn’t Realize Earphones Could Sound THIS Good (Q-Jays Review)


If you’re still using headphones that came with your phone, you’re really missing out. Audio — especially music — can be so much more. For example: Q-Jays earphones which offer phenomenal build and sound quality, though they lack a few features found on several far cheaper products.

I used to think of headphones (and earphones) as somewhat disposable. An accessory that, while cool and useful in the present, would either become quickly out of date, out of style or would eventually break down. But Q-Jays are built to be different. They’re built for the long-haul. It’s hard to imagine the technology being bested anytime soon (although a purely wireless version would make me reconsider that statement), the pure-black aesthetic is essentially timeless and the materials and engineering principles are such that these headphones will certainly last far beyond most competitors.

And that premium quality comes with a premium price tag of between $425 to $494 (depending on the model). The question in your mind is whether or not that price tag is worth it for you and the answer is that it depends. While Q-Jays pump out delicious, satisfying sound — there’s no question about that — there are a few features many people will miss. I’ll go ahead and mention those now before I continue on to sing the praises of these prodigious ...

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